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Funding for your Life Contingent Payments

We are a leading funder that specializes in valuing and making offers for LIFE CONTINGENT  SETTLEMENT PAYMENTS.

If you need cash for future for-life annuity payments, you’ve come to the right place. Life Contingent Capital deploys a proprietary underwriting process that allows us to make cash offers others can’t.

Don’t settle for lowball offers, give us a call or submit an online inquiry. In most cases, we can make an offer right over the phone!

    Funding futures

    Turning your life contingent payments into cash gives you the freedom to spend them how you see fit, whatever your plans.

    Commited to service

    We’ll go out of our way to ensure that your payments are handled by a dedicated person, meaning you  know you’re taken care of.

    Tailored approach

    Our representatives have years of experience, meaning your experience is smooth and easy from the beginning.

    Life Contingent
    Is All We Do.

    After years of being in the business, we grew tired of seeing other companies that buy life contingent payments giving lowball offers to individuals with structured settlements.

    Oftentimes, it’s because those companies don’t have the necessary expertise to evaluate these types of payments.

    Our proprietary system allows us to utilize future mortality and inflation risk, as well as gauge the strength of the underlying payment issuer, to come up with a fair value for your payments.

    We take a calculated approach, which allows us to fund top dollar for your life payments.

    What We Offer

    The Specialist in Life Contingent Payments

    View our multi-faceted, highly-specialized approach to monetizing life contingent payments. We will match or exceed any offer.

    Get More Value with Insurance Solutions

    Take advantage of insurance solutions that can boost the value that you receive for your life contingent payments! 

    The Life Contingent Capital Funding Process

    Experience our boutique approach. You will work with one dedicated representative who will become an expert in your situation.

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    "Life Contingent Capital took the time to help me with my payments and needs, making me feel truly understood."
    Elizabeth D.
    "Some of the best service that I've experienced, especially compared to some of the big TV advertisers.
    Ben C.
    "I never knew my life contingent payments could be worth so much! So glad I went to LC Capital for a quote."
    Angela S.
    Bakery Owner

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