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The Funding Process with Life Contingent Capital

All of your questions answered and explained, in a simple and easy-to-read format.

Step 1:

Your Needs

Step 2:

Talk To A Specialist


Step 3:

Receive Your Cash Advance


Step 4:

Get A Court Date


Step 5:

Get Funded


Step 1: Your Needs

Changing circumstances may leave you in a position where you need to access cash from your life contingent annuity. It’s best to have a solid understanding of your needs prior to contacting Life Contingent Capital. Our customers have used funding to pay off debt, invest in their education and purchase homes for their family.

Step 2: Talk To A Specialist

Our Life Contingent specialists can help you understand which life contingent payments can be used to meet your immediate financial needs, and which payments you should keep. If possible, our specialists will always structure a solution that gets you a lump sum AND allows you to retain a payment stream.

Step 3: Your Cash Advance

All customers working with Life Contingent Capital to access cash from their life contingent payments are eligible for a cash advance! This is funding that you can have up-front, so that you can address immediate expenses without having to wait for what is typically a four to six week process to complete.

Step 4: Get A Court Date

Your Life Contingent specialist and our legal team will schedule your court date within and complete all paperwork. This is the last step of the process which involves you explaining to a judge the reasoning behind your decision to receive a funding from future payments. Our specialists will make sure you are comfortable with the process and know what to expect.

Step 5: Get Funded

Upon court approval, your money can be sent in a variety of ways – elect to receive your funding via bank check or direct wire.

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